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Lithium-ion batteries have a very high energy density with an upward trend. This energy can be released abruptly in the event of an accident.

This can occur over several hours and days:

  • High pressures due to bursting cells
  • Projectile leaks
  • Fire and very high fire temperatures of up to 1000°C
  • Toxic and flammable fumes such as hydrogen fluoride (HF).

In addition, chemical processes can also lead to delayed reactions in the battery which then occur days later.

These hazards to people and the environment must be minimized during transport and storage, and are the protective goal of the SafetyBATTbox product family.

All of our containers meet the latest hazardous materials requirements of the German Federal Institute for Materials Research (BAM) and have been tested under real conditions of a battery fire.

  • Gas management system
  • Stainless steel (durable and ideal for outdoor use)
  • Easy handling (optimized logistics possible through LogBAG's)
  • No costly and maintenance-intensive additional systems
  • Can be used as stationary safety container
  • X-coded UN large packaging (also suitable for use according to SV310 or SV376 ADR 2019)
  • Leakage management for possible electrolyte leakage
  • Stackable
  • Development according to latest dangerous goods regulations
    (ADR 2019:P911/LP906) of the Federal Institute for Materials Research and proven by real fire tests e.g.:
  • Perfect thermal insulation < 100°C at the outer casing in case of an accident
  • No flame formation and leakage of projectiles in the event of an accident
  • Gas management system for all box variants:
    - Flue gas routed only through filter system and exiting via defined openings
    - Flue gas filtering of HF
TECHNIcal data:
External dimensions[mm] 3190 x 2239 x 1095
Inner dimensions [mm] 2790 x 1820 x 542
Empty weight approx. [kg] 1475
Housing Anodized aluminum
Gas management system
Battery weight up to [kg] 1150

As of: 09.2021. All data without guarantee. Other sizes available upon request.

Application area:
  • Automotive
  • Truck
  • Bus Vans
  • Home Storage Energy Storage
  • Shipping
  • Industrail Trucks
  • Forklift truck

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